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Our Story...

Keli Vale and Nick Bucci have been making music together for over a decade and began writing together in 2015. They were playing jazz gigs quite often, and every time they would play old romantic standards the likes of Hoagy Carmichael or Cole Porter, an audience member would inevitably comment, "Why don't they write 'em like that anymore?" This inspired Keli and Nick to do just that, and the full-length record Sweetness was created. 


Nick is an established guitar builder whose Bucci Guitars, both acoustic and electric, are known for their fantastic sound and beautiful woodwork. Keli cultivated Keli Vale Music, LLC into a successful gigging and recording business. Between them, they have decades of musical experience spanning several genres of music. They've both played Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, Wedding music, Fusion, et cetera. Nick was in a 17 piece big band for several years. All of this musical experience archived within them is what makes their live gigs so diverse, and their original compositions so interesting.


Nick was executive producer of Keli's 2013 recording, Whose Life is This?, which showcases a full band with horn section, and together they very organically recorded (with just guitar and vocal) both the 2016 Sweetness record and their 2018 holiday recording, Won't Be Stoppin' By, which includes five original holiday songs.


They continue to play, will be writing again soon, work together at Bucci Guitars, and are both excited to see what the future of "KVNB" holds...

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