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Next Rendezvous

Love is to Blame

A truly memorable evening, Beauty in our embrace

All my senses filled with you

A passionalte kiss Good Morning, Sweetness on my lips

Oh, the way I feel with you

A man like no other; my handsome lover

My heart, my soul, my thoughts all drenched with you

A sad afternoon parting, Memories for my heart

Until the Next Rendezvous

The love that we make; the time that we take

I feel you in the way you say my name

A truly memorable evening, Sweetness on my lips

Until the Next Rendezvous

Stay Mine

I hope you never grown tired of me.

I hope the things I say and do never become old hat for you

Hey Baby, let's keep it fresh

Hey, Baby, let me know if ever the thrill should start to go

I still find myself thinking of you as I wake

I still want your touch and to be lost in your embrace

Darling, promise we'll be alright

Darling promise you'll be kind; love me long and Stay Mine

I hope I still make your heart jump

I hope you still want what I've got 'cause I wanna stir your honey pot

Hey, Baby, let's spice it up

Hey, Baby, let me know that I still make your motor go

I've never felt the way I feel when you touch me

I never want to lose the thrill of us being "we"

Darling, tell me you'll never tire

Darling, tell me you'll be kind; love me long and Stay Mine

It's a good morning now that I've heard from you

I'm a little low 'til that happens every day

My whole world brightens like nothing I ever knew

Your attention excites me in every way

Why do you have such an effect on me?

What is it about you that makes me await you so anxiously?

Everything's alright soon as I hear you coo

Your love washes my troubles away

A simple not from you turns my whole day around

I smile for hours just thinking of your name

It seems you've managed to turn my world upside down

Honey, I shall never be the same

Why do you have such an effect on me?

What is it about you that makes me downright dizzy?

Your voice is turning to my favorite sound

And I suspect that Love is to Blame

Yes I know that Love is to Blame

Come with Me

I can hear you still whispering,

"Come with Me

to where we can be in love."

I can feel you still,

feel your love over me

As we reached the stars above

Such a strange sensation to have your desire

What a revelation that we share this fire

I can see you still as you looked,

looked at me, into me

I still see the look that I'd dreamed of

There's Love in the Air

Words  can't express the feel of your caress

I've never known such excitement before

Each time we love, I know it's you I've dreamed of

And all it leaves me wanting is more

I don't think you know how I've needed you so

You mean much more than I can explain

Even your words are like the singing of birds

Just after a beautiful rain

Just the thought of your kiss makes me whimper with bliss

One touch of your hand and I'm too weak to stand

I pause every time I think of your lips on mine

Wishing so that they were still there

How I miss their taste and your warm, sweet embrace.

I do believe There's Love in the Air

Always Leaving Without  You

The moments we've had, such beauty.

Nothing I have is sweet as you.

On my mind; miss you so.

Time like forever; gone so fast

In between your sheets... In between your lips...

In between your arms... In between your hips...

There's you... I wish it were me

You're crying alone; that kills me.

I want to hold you; I want to cry with you

I'll keep you in my heart on your way,

never truly letting you go


Sweetness, wake up and smile at me

Sweetness, your smile makes me so happy

I'm happy you are who you are

You've become my brightest star

Sweetness, come here and hold me, Dear

Sweetness, let me feel your breath in my ear

As you show me more and more

My heart responds like never before, Sweetness...

You know just how to touch me; I want you oh so much

Your kiss, your hug, your gaze, your laugh, are all just such

Sweetness, rest up, for we've just begun

Sweetness, love me from moonlight 'til sun

This passion and desire

Consumes me like a fire, Sweetness...

I feel it in the way you hold me; I love your loving touch

I see it in your eyes and it's all just such

Sweetness, kiss me in the morning dew

Sweetness, fragrant of you

That quiet little "Oh!" you say when I touch you in the sweetest way

The beauty of this fine romance, as lovely as the sloest dance

It's all just such Sweetness

Endless Waterfall

Our Lyrics

Images of you flowing through my mind

Like an Endless Waterfall

Anticipation like the halt of time

Waiting for your next call

Disbelief disallows the reality

that this is happening at all

Images of you flowing through my mind

Like an Endless Waterfall

Sweet thoughts of us together write a tale

Singing to my longing heart

Brief moments build our hereafter 'til the vale

Of each time we must part

Every second away seems an eternity

in this unfinished work of art

Sweet thoughts of us together write a tale

Singing to my longing heart

Slow Dance

The gentle breeze make me think of you

Reminds me of the things we long to do

A dance among the flowers Together this is ours

We move like there is only we two

The sweet taste of your lips is still with me

Kissing me under the Spruce tree

The ground soft beneath as you swept me off my feet

In a dance of such graceful beauty

First our lips met briefly, igniting a spark, melding us together

Then our bodies met seemlessly drawing us closer than ever

First we'll kiss so deeply, igniting the spark we create together

Then our bodies will move seemlessly slow and smooth

We could dance forever

The clock ticks slowly to another chance

To choreograph more of our romance

Where will I meet you? My loving arms will greet you

Looking forward to another Slow Dance

So Simple, Yet So Beautiful

Through and Through

Thoughts of you, my love, lull me into sweet sleep

I am yours, you are mine, forever to keep

Touching you, my darling, is so special to me

And the way you respond, such sensuality

So grateful to have found each other, right there all along

So perfect, never need another; we are our love song

Love with you, my lover, is all I'll ever need

So Simple, Yet So Beautiful, we are meant to be

Cant believe who you are; can't contain my joy

So Simple, Yet So Beautiful; just a girl and a boy

Love with you, my lover, is all I'll ever need

So Simple, Yet So Beautiful...

Longing to see you in the morning sun.

Longing to be with you one on one

Just imagine what we'll do there! It's gonna be so much fun!

I wanna snuggle you, cuddly you, take you for a twirl.

Ooh, Baby, I wanna be your only girl

I want you wrapped around me just like the warmth of the world

My soul simply loves you and you're always on my mind.

My body desires to be with you all the time

So won't you come on over baby, you and me, we'll unwind

I love to hear your voice, such a smooth, sweet sound.

I love to see your face and make a smile from that frown

And when you whisper my name, ooh, you've got me spellbound

Just a moment here and there, a chance for a smooch or two.

Just a moment we can share; just me and you

Honey, you know I love you Through and Through!!

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